Shipping & Returns


Attention: you can order strong spirits only if to you 18 years were executed.

Confirmation and payment

After you through our Internet shop have made the order, you receive confirmation of the order and number the order by e-mail.

Pay your order you can in several ways: to transfer money for our bank account, to pay a credit card or PayPal.

KBC bank Belgium: IBAN: BE76 7330 2153 0895, BIC: KREDBEBB "De ster" Antwerp.

Specify in any case number of your order.

We send in all the countries of the world, as to the USA and Canada.

In the year 2007, almost 100 years after absinthe prohibition, the alcoholic spirit absinthe was once again legalized, but only those Absinthes, which contain less than 10ppm of thujone. Finally the FDA authorised Absinthe again for sale in the USA.


Delivery is carried out in an extra packing guaranteeing safety of a bottle. Term of delivery depends on the country of the customer and makes from 3 till 10 days.

If something does not arrange yours in the received order, you can send it back within 3 days from the moment of reception.

Communicate before it with our service for clientís 

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